When it comes to providing for a child who has special needs every cent counts.
Even if both of you are working, there are so many things that you need to do to help
them overcome the symptoms. We are talking from our own experience. That being
said, there is no shame in asking for support if you qualify. Below are some resources
available from the City of Toronto and the Provincial Government.

Toronto Partnership for Autism Services

TPAS Treatment Programs

If your child has been diagnosed with "moderate" ( which is more toward "severe" end of autism spectrum) or "severe" form of autism, she might be deemed
eligible to receive services after completing a special screening process at Surrey
Place Centre
(downtown). There is a structured application process. Toronto
Partnership for Autism Services may offer your child a spot in the clinical treatment
centre such as Adventure Place or Surrey Place Centre-North, Direct Service
Option (DSO)
, or at a private therapy centre through the Direct Funding Option
. Please note that you can register as "undecided" for this therapy service,
since there is a waiting list. Then, you will be able to access either option, which is
first available. For instance, if you decide to register for the DFO option, you would be
responsible for finding a credible, TPAS-authorised therapy provider, managing the
funds and supervising the therapy administration. Please note that any private therapy
provider needs to have a registered clinical psychologist on staff or by contract to
assess your child's needs and design an appropriate treatment program for a therapist
or a team of therapists to implement.

Independent Review Mechanism for the Autism Intervention Program

Beginning December 14, 2013 the Ministry of Children and Youth Services has established a new process for parents of children deemed not eligible for IBI or children with a confirmed discharge, who may wish to request a review of the decision. Read more....

TPAS Parent Education & Support Services

Finally, if screened and selected by TPAS, you would when go through the intake
process. Once your eligibility is determined and everything is in order, you will then be
contacted by a Family Support Coach from Adventure Place responsible for the North
Quadrant. To reiterate, once you are a TPAS client, they will offer you a series of free
parent training workshops. These workshops are designed to train parents become
active participants in their children's Intensive Behavioral Intervention (IBI), a behavioral
approach to treating autism. They may also offer an excellent opportunity to meet and
connect with other parents. Please note that the content and format of delivery of any
parent training may change any time based on the curriculum modifications and/or
funding available from the government. For more information, please visit the website of
the Autism lead agency – Surrey Place Centre.

Toronto Autism ABA Services
ABA-Based Therapy

Regardless of the severity of the diagnosis or its place on the Autism Spectrum, your
child may be eligible for free ABA-based therapy through a network of agencies known
as Toronto Autism ABA Services. Adventure Place participates in this provincially
funded network. To register for this complementary ABA-based therapy, please call
Surrey Place Centre at 416-925-5141 and ask for "Toronto Autism ABA Services".
There is a detailed intake process.

The North Quadrant
Adventure Place (at McNicoll Avenue Public School)

155 McNicoll Ave
North York, Ontario
Phone: 416-744-7650 ext. 228

AlphaBee Services

AlphaBee delivers ABA-based services that are designed as an after school program and is free for the families. For further information please call 416-367-5968 and ask for "ABA group registration".
Please note, that if you are already registered with Toronto Autism ABA Services, you cannot receive free services from AlphaBee

Toronto Children's Services
Special Needs and Fee Subsidy

Attending daycare or a child care centre could be beneficial to your child. Fee Subsidy
to attend a daycare centre in Toronto is available to resident families, who work. It
is also based on the income. However, if your child has received the Autism or ASD
diagnosis and has special needs as determined by the law, you "may qualify for fee
subsidy even if you are not working or going to school"
. You can contact the KIDSLINE
directly at 416-392-5437, where either a case worker (if you are working and currently
receiving a fee subsidy) or a resource staff will be able to answer your questions.

For the official forms for fee subsidy and the list of supporting documents, please go to:

Disclaimer: This page is created for information purposes only. Autism Path is not
responsible for the outcomes of the therapies discussed on this page. Please contact
the service providers directly to determine your child's eligibility, needs, level of service
and other pertinent details.