How It All Started

The Autism-Path website was created by two moms: Natalya Chilina and Oksana Romanov. On this website we share information from our own experience and experiences of many other North York parents with children affected by ASD. In December 2011, we first discussed the concept of launching a non-for-profit Autism Knowledge Based website to provide information about community-based supports and services and also suggest the paths to take in order to deal and, hopefully, overcome autism. Since then, we have established our presence on Facebook and Twitter in addition to sending our monthly newsletters and more frequent updates via email. Additionally, we have been meeting with a group of parents that we met at different workshops and seminars offered by Geneva Centre for Autism (Social Skills and Respite), Adventure Place ("Triple P" Program), Ontario Early Years Centre (the Let's Get Started and Drop-in Programs), City of Toronto Department of Health (the Incredible Years Program) and The Hanen Centre (the More Than Words Program).

Our Future

As Autism-Path grows, we will be adding more practical tips, local resources and overview of research about multiple dimensions of autism. We will share success stories that we hear from other parents and add more details and options to three autism paths presented on the main page.
Remember: You are not alone.

Natalya Chilina and Oksana Romanov