Try to take advantages of excellent resources available in your immediate community.
Many non-for-profit organizations provide free access to their facilities (parent or service
provider-facilitated drop-in play time), variety of development-focus sensory toys, art
& crafts materials, special play equipment and training seminars and workshops for
parents. For example, Willowdale Ontario Early Learning Centre offers both pre-
registered and drop-in programs. Sometimes, a service provider may offer a free
child-minding option while a parent is attending a seminar (e.g., Kids Club at OEYC/
Adventure Place).

"Let's Get Started" Program is designed to introduce the parents into the field of
special needs and community-based supports available to them. It is a pre-registered
program offered by Willowdale OEYC.

Willowdale OEYC*
155 McNicoll Ave., Rm 106
Toronto, ON
416-494-1579 ext. 301

* It has three satellite sites in the community.

Adventure Place offers both some early intervention services and a series of parent
workshops for parents of children with special needs in the area of behaviour and
cognitive development. Specifically, the centre runs "Triple P: Positive Parenting
and hosts "Incredible Years" Parent Workshop administered by Toronto
Public Health
. To learn more about this training opportunities at Adventure Place and
register for those programs, please call 416-744-7650.

Adventure Place participates in the new provincial initiative, the Toronto Autism ABA
. The centre delivers services designed for children on the Autism Spectrum.
To register for this complementary ABA-based therapy, please call Surrey Place Centre
at 416-925-5141 ask for "Toronto Autism ABA Services".

Adventure Place (at McNicoll Avenue Public School)
155 McNicoll Ave
North York, Ontario
Phone: 416-744-7650 ext. 228


Parents of children with ASD (who reside in Toronto) can enroll into a free parent
training learning module "IMPACT", which offers hands-on strategies and therapist
visits. Currently, Toronto Autism ABA Services in partnership with Adventure Place
offer the program in North York at either of the two of the following locations: 155
McNicoll Ave. or 244 Lesmil Rd. If you are interested in this ABA-based training, call
647-350-0244 and ask to register for "IMPACT".

Toronto Autism ABA Services (Satellite Site, North District)
244 Lesmil Rd
North York, Ontario
Phone: 647-350-0244

Better Beginnings Now, sponsored by Adventure Place, helps families with children
ages 0-6 years. It is designed to assist new Canadians and parents with children on
the spectrum. Contact BBN if you need help and a Home Visitor from that agency will
provide support and information for you and your child.

Better Beginnings Now
Home Visiting Program

100 Ravel Rd.,
North York, ON M2H 1S9
Phone: 416-499-3377
Fax: 416-499-0233

Community Care Access Centre has a variety of free services por the people in the community including occupational therapy and speech & language therapy.

Speech & Language Consultations and Therapy

If your child is under 6 years of age, you may be eligible for the free parent training programs
called "More Than Words" and "TalkAbility" designed by the Hanen Centre. These
parent trainings and individual consultation sessions are focused on promoting functional
communication and speech in kids with ASD. They are either administered by Toronto
Preschool Speech & Language Services (TPSLS)
at North York General Hospital-Branson
Site (North Quadrant) or other program partners, including the Hanen Centre itself. To register
for this program, please contact TPSLS & Hanen service co-ordinators at 416-635-2616 or 416-

TPSLS also offer individual and group SLP therapy for children under 4 years of age. Surrey
Place has speech & language services for children and youth older than 6 years of age. To get
more information, please inquire with these providers. The intake information is provided below.

CITYKIDS* by Mothercraft
This is a network of the city agencies that offers support to two age categories, i.e.,
children ages 0-6 years and 6-12 years of age who are enrolled in a daycare or a
childcare centre. CITYKIDS offers help via consultations and in-home visit. As per their
website, CITYKIDS offers a wide range early intervention and prevention services from
partner agencies that may include any or all of the following:

This network accepts referrals from families, physicians, early childhood specialists and
community agencies.

CITYKIDS (by Mothercraft)
32 Heath Street West
Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-920-6543
Fax: 416-920-1543

*The money comes from the City of Toronto and Children's Services.

Special Needs Resourcing by the City of Toronto
Toronto Children's Services, Special Services Unit

North District Resource Supervisor
Phone: 416-392-4349

Phone: 416-392-5437