For a normal and balanced development a human brain needs proper nutrition and proper stimulation. You can help to provide a proper brain stimulation for your child by doing sensory and motor exercises, academic exercises, behaviour therapy and so on, but don't forget about supplying your child's brain with the right amount of nutrition. You child may suffer from allergies and food sensitivities and might not be able to absorb all nutrients and minerals, so it is very important to know what food is right for your child and what vitamin and mineral supplements he or she may need. Diet and bio-medical intervention go hand in hand. Below is a short list of resources and providers that should help you get started. Please do your own research and stay informed!

AutismCanada Foundation about Biomedical Intervention:

The Autism Resource Booklet (Bio-Medical Information)

Medical Research Publications & Abstracts (U.S. & Int'l)

Local Resources and Practitioners

Dr. John Gannage, M.D., DAN!* is a medical doctor specializing in treating autism. He
has a practice in Markham, ON. To learn more about his approach, please go to

Spirale by Autism Ontario - Professional Services for children with Autism Database:

Below is the list of naturopaths that some of our parents came in contact with on their
path to their child's recovery. you might find some useful information on their websites.
Most of them have blogs and free articles about nutrition and bio-medical approach to
treating autism.

Natural Balance (Toronto, ON):
Dr. Kate Wharton, N.D. -

Natural Care Clinic (Burlington, ON):
Dr. Sonya Doherty, N.D., DAN!* - and http://

Dr. Carissa Doherty, N.D. -

Renewal Naturopathic Clinic (Toronto, ON),
Dr. Jennifer Glazer, Naturopathic Doctor, DAN!*

To a naturopath near you, you can search different databases. "Find a Naturopath", for
instance, has the listings of N.D.s practicing in Canada and the United States. Make sure that visit their websites and review the parent ratings prior to contacting any of those professionals. Stay informed!

"Find a Naturopath" in Ontario:

Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors

Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (North York, ON)

Wellness & Nutrition

In this section we focus on some resources that might help you navigate nutrition and
special diets information (e.g., Gluten Free & Casein Free Diet). Please note some
children might have various food sensitivities other than lactose, casein and gluten
intolerance. You need to seek professional help from qualified professionals, including
dieticians, developmental pediatricians, homeopaths and/or naturopaths. Do not start
any biomedical interventions independently at home.

Dieticians of Canada

Talk to a Registered Dietician for free in Ontario:**
Call 1-877-510-510-2

Toronto Health Connection:**

Nutrition Resource Centre**
NutriSTEP® - Nutrition Screening Tool for Every Preschooler**

Healthy Bodies

Cooking Up Some Fun! publication is available at


Gluten Free Works

Hidden Sources of Gluten

The Spunky Coconut - Blog with recipes, gluten free, soy free, casein free and so on!

Kelly V. Brozyna is a nutrition expert and the author of The Spunky Coconut Grain-Free Baked Goods & Desserts and the gluten-free food blog
Link to her books:

Wellness Circle - Online health & eco-friendly community

Big Green Purse - Reviews of green products and services

*DAN! - Defeat Autism Now! Certification. Currently, the certification for this specialty is no longer available. Please note that some recent graduates and less experienced practitioners may not have this credential.

**Special thanks to TPAS Parent Education and Support Services for additional information about Toronto- and Ontario-based resources.

Disclaimer: The Autism-Path website is designed for information purpose ONLY. Do not start any biomedical interventions at home. Please contact your child's physician (pediatrician) to get a professional opinion.